Yarn Spinner 1.1

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Yarn Spinner 1.1 adds inline expressions, format functions, and bug fixes.

Inline Expressions

Inline expresisons let you embed variables, values and expressions right into your dialogue. You can embed variables, strings, numbers, or complex expressions, right into a line, option or command.

Format Functions

Format functions make it easier to localise your content when dealing with inline expressions.

Format functions dynamically select text based on a variable. These functions can be localised, which means you can change them based on the needs of the language you’re translating the game into.

Faster Compiling

Yarn Spinner for Unity now uses .asmdef files, which makes the Yarn Spinner code compile into a separate assembly. This makes compilation faster, since Yarn Spinner for Unity will not need to recompile every time you change your game’s code.

And more…

For the complete changelog, see the release notes on GitHub.