OpCode Enum

The type of instruction that this is.

public enum OpCode


Name Description
AddOption Adds an entry to the option list (see ShowOptions). opA = string: string ID for option to add
CallFunc opA = string: name of the function
Jump Peeks a string from stack, and jumps to that named position in the node. No operands.
JumpIfFalse Jumps to the named position in the the node, if the top of the stack is not null, zero or false. opA = string: label name
JumpTo Jumps to a named position in the node. opA = string: label name
Pop Discards top of stack. No operands.
PushBool Pushes a boolean onto the stack. opA = bool: the bool to push to stack
PushFloat Pushes a floating point number onto the stack. opA = float: number to push to stack
PushNull Pushes a null value onto the stack. No operands.
PushString Pushes a string onto the stack. opA = string: the string to push to the stack.
PushVariable Pushes the contents of a variable onto the stack. opA = name of variable
RunCommand Delivers a command to the client. opA = string: command text
RunLine Delivers a string ID to the client. opA = string: string ID
RunNode Run the node whose name is at the top of the stack. No operands.
ShowOptions Presents the current list of options to the client, then clears the list. The most recently selected option will be on the top of the stack when execution resumes. No operands.
Stop Stops execution of the program. No operands.
StoreVariable Stores the contents of the top of the stack in the named variable. opA = name of variable


Defined in YarnSpinner/YarnSpinner.cs, line 616.