VariableStorageBehaviour Class

A MonoBehaviour that a DialogueRunner uses to store and retrieve variables.

public abstract class VariableStorageBehaviour : MonoBehaviour, VariableStorage


This abstract class inherits from MonoBehaviour, which means that subclasses of this class can be attached to GameObjects.


Name Description
Clear() Removes all variables from storage.
GetValue(String) Retrieves a Value by name.
ResetToDefaults() Resets the VariableStorageBehaviour to its initial state.
SetValue(String, Boolean) Stores a bool as a Value.
SetValue(String, Single) Stores a float as a Value.
SetValue(String, String) Stores a string as a Value.
SetValue(String, Value) Stores a Value.


Defined in Unity/Assets/YarnSpinner/Scripts/DialogueRunner.cs, line 1179.