DialogueUIBehaviour.RunLine Method

Called by the DialogueRunner to signal that a line should be displayed to the user.

public abstract Dialogue.HandlerExecutionType RunLine(Line line, ILineLocalisationProvider localisationProvider, Action onLineComplete)


If this method returns ContinueExecution, it should not not call the onLineComplete method.


Parameter Description
Line line The line that should be displayed to the user.
ILineLocalisationProvider localisationProvider The object that should be used to get the localised text of the line.
Action onLineComplete A method that should be called to indicate that the line has finished being delivered.

Return Type

Dialogue.HandlerExecutionType: PauseExecution if dialogue should wait until the completion handler is called before continuing execution; ContinueExecution if dialogue should immediately continue running after calling this method.


Defined in Unity/Assets/YarnSpinner/Scripts/DialogueRunner.cs, line 1102.