DialogueUI.onLineUpdate Field

A DialogueRunner.StringUnityEvent that is called when the visible part of the line’s localised text changes.

public DialogueRunner.StringUnityEvent onLineUpdate


The string parameter that this event receives is the text that should be displayed to the user. Use this method to display line text to the user.

The DialogueUI class gradually reveals the localised text of the Line, at a rate of textSpeed seconds per character. onLineUpdate will be called multiple times, each time with more text; the final call to onLineUpdate will have the entire text of the line.

If MarkLineComplete() is called before the line has finished displaying, which indicates that the user has requested that the Dialogue UI skip to the end of the line, onLineUpdate will be called once more, to display the entire text.

If textSpeed is 0, onLineUpdate will be called just once, to display the entire text all at once.

After the final call to onLineUpdate, onLineFinishDisplaying will be called to indicate that the line has finished appearing.

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Defined in Unity/Assets/YarnSpinner/Scripts/DialogueUI.cs, line 174.