DialogueRunner.AddStringTable Method

Parses and adds the contents of a string table from a yarn asset to the DialogueRunner’s combined string table.

public void AddStringTable(YarnProgram yarnScript)


YarnPrograms contain at least one string table, stored in YarnProgram.baseLocalisationStringTable. String tables are TextAssets that contain comma-separated value formatted text.

A YarnProgram may have more string tables beyond the base localisation in its YarnProgram.localizations.

The specific string table that this method uses is determined by the value of textLanguage. If this is empty or null, YarnProgram.baseLocalisationStringTable is used.


Parameter Description
YarnProgram yarnScript The YarnProgram to get the string table from.


Defined in Unity/Assets/YarnSpinner/Scripts/DialogueRunner.cs, line 174.